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About Us

Analytical Specialties Inc, ASI, is a new research and development company Located in Clearwater Florida. Our objectives are to produce industry revolutionizing chemical solutions and simple solutions to complex problems. Our current fields of research are in the production of anodic coatings on aluminum, waste water treatment, and waste reduction programs.
Our latest product AlOxidize™ is a revolutionary solution that offers optimal protection, exceptionally fast rate of formation, same dye capabilities, and most importantly no dimensional growth.
Mission Statement

Analytical Specialties Incorporated will strive to develop revolutionizing Industry standards by increasing chemical education, providing simplified solutions to complex problem, and consultation on process optimization.

Vision Statement

Analytical Specialties Incorporated will provide new patented solutions to current Industry Standards. We will research industries to identify and optimize processes that will ignite the productivity and profitability of the industry.

Meet The Owners


Keith Eidschun

Keith is a third generation owner at Freedom Metal Finishing (“Freedom”) and has been the owner since 2009. Keith ran Freedom’s sister company, Technifinish, a paint and powder coat company for three years prior to this and has been working in the Metal Finishing family business since he was sixteen. At Freedom, Keith has revamped everything from the quality systems to become NADCAP and AS9100 approved to becoming an expert troubleshooter and problem solver. He has redesigned and upgraded Freedom’s waste treatment systems and has championed continuous improvement throughout the organization.

Freedom has been through many NADCAP Audits and has strived to maintain top competitive prices and notoriety in the industry. Freedom Metal Finishing, originally founded as Dixie Plating has been a leader in the plating industry since 1944. Freedom has been family owned and operated since 1965. The Company uses state of the art equipment to maintain exceptional level of quality and inspection. Keith’s expertise has led to several U.S. Patent assignments for improvements. Keith has helped Freedom establish a reputation for meeting the most stringent federal, military and customer specifications. Freedom’s past achievements go back as far as the Apollo/Saturn V, Roll of Honor to more recently being 2005 small business of the year for United Space Alliance.


Joshua Cloakey

Joshua attended Dunedin High School where he completed the 4 year NJROTC program and the 4 year Academy of Drafting and Design. As part of these programs, Joshua worked extensively, and became very proficient, with AutoCAD Software. Joshua then attended the country’s oldest Private Military College, Norwich University. While at Norwich University he completed the 4 Year Naval ROTC Marine Corps Option Program and majored in Biochemistry. During his senior year Joshua actively participated in two major research studies.

The first was in conjunction with the University of Paris in France establishing drinking water guidelines for the World Health Organization. His participation was the analysis and quantification of the element Vanadium and its toxicity. The second project was with the University of Boudreaux and the National Institute of Standards and Measurements in Belgium. This project was the analysis of multiple ethyl violet samples that were used in an experimental procedure for the detection of arsenic. Joshua’s involvement included an analysis as to why one of the three ethyl violet samples was successful and the other two were not. Using a multitude of instrumentation and carefully reviewing previous data a conclusion was made and was subsequently found to be the root of the problem. Since graduation in 2012 Joshua formulated the AlOxidize process and multiple other metal finishing processes. He has also designed a closed loop, Zero discharge, zero Intake, water treatment system that is in full operation.