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Waste Water Treatment

With increasing environmental concerns and new regulatory restrictions being placed on industrial users, Waste Water Pre-Treatment for Industrial Users and waste reduction has become a critical factor for businesses. We at ASI have a extensive knowledge and resources to design efficient system and to optimize existing systems.

System Consulting and Development

ASI has successfully developed and implemented “closed-looped” or “zero discharge” waste water pre-treatment systems. Zero discharge system have many great attributes from water conservation to extensive cost savings. ASI can also analyze and assess current systems to ensure optimization and research any new possible methods of treatment. We are able to design and optimize systems to meet or exceed regulatory measures, reach water production standards, and meet or exceed volume requirements. We are able to optimize a system using innovation technology and concepts to be able to make the process cost efficient.


With any system designed by ASI, we at ASI are dedicated to provide any customer with continuing support. We know the troubles of having a Pre-Treatment system either not functioning properly or shut down.

Regulatory Consulting

With local limits periodically changing, and new regulations being enforced, it can be difficult for industrial users to keep up-to-date with current testing methods. A big part of knowing the regulation is knowing how the tests will be performed and good practices for industrial users. ASI have the ability to research local requirements for industrial users and provide support for those requirements.